AWTR Club Lambs
AWTR Club Lambs
Reference Sires
Brother   3150
Game Changer x Crip x Dog
Purchased from Skidgel
Small Town x Tundra x Masterpiece



Strange x Mandingo's Mom

Owned with Demag
Full sib to 2014 South Dakota Grand
Game Face x Young Jock

AI Sire




Point Blank
Point Blank
Arms Race x Honey Badger

AI Sire
Donkey Punch x Bullet

AI Sire




Pimp Juice

AWTR Sires
Unleaded x Unleaded
Raised by AWTR
Owned with Rule Sheep Co.

Tundra is great in his design and massive in his muscle shape. We believe in this ram so much, that we have ewes AI'd, flushed and serviced naturally to this exciting ram for 2012.
Tundra's sire, Unleaded, needs no introduction.  His winners list is long and he has sired the likes of numerous champions, including this year's high selling Stud Ram at Sedalia.  Tundra's mom is half owned with Rule's and was the 2009 SD State Fair Open Class Champion.

Come up north to TUNDRA country this winter and see "Tundra" sired lambs!  His first lambs will be on the ground in mid December.

AWTR Sires
Bulletproof x Panda
AI Sire for 2014 Lambs!





Junck Yard Dawg

AWTR Sires
Corner Pocket (Signature) x CEO x Buckmaster
Purchased in the January 2011 through the "Rule Fall Flush Sale" from Donnie Begalka and Rule's.

I haven't seen many ram lambs so smooth and upfronted combined with a huge pin set like Distraction has.  He also has the expressive Signature rack shape to go along with a big loin that ties in smooth with his hip.  He's fun to watch out in the breeding pasture working as he is so athletic being so sound on his feet and legs and has that head up, look at me presence to him.

Distraction is sired by one of Donnie's best Signature sons, Corner Pocket. Distraction's dam is the very popular, high selling OYE ewe that Tyson & Donnie purchased from Matt Kennedy and the Urban Family.

 We see Distraction and Tundra being an extremely compatable breeding combination now, and even more so in the future as we breed daughters between the two of them.


AWTR Sires
Tundra x Outbreak



AWTR Sires
Distraction x Outbreak
Our 2013 Keeper Buck Lamb has us jacked up for his first lamb crop!
  AWTR Sires
Tundra x Mirage




Junck Yard Dawg
Jeepers Creepers
AWTR Sires
Orchid (Unleaded x Mass Destruction - Res. Ewe at Reno) x Showbox
Bred by Greg & Warren Junck
Owned by Junck & DEMAG Sheep Co

AWTR Sires
Holy Moley x Trunk
Raised by Allred/Elliott




AWTR Sires
Next Step x Tex
Owned with Kent Langemeier

Thank you Kent Langemeier for selling us half interest in this proven ram.  He has produced champions in the  show ring and high quality keeper ewes for Langemeier.

AWTR Sires
Strategy x Trademark

His mother was purchased on Donnie Begalka's bred ewe sale a year ago. We feel this is one of the best Strategy lambs we have seen. He has a lot of style to go with his tremendous length of body, length of hind saddle and yet is very balanced with ample hip shape and overall muscle dimension. Fiasco is stout boned, big footed, hairy legged and is very structurally correct on his feet and legs.



Craw Dad
4 Runner

AWTR Sires
Bobby Bouche x Stitzlein
Purchased from Castro Club Lambs


AWTR Sires
Just Rite x Uno
Purchased from Hewlett Club Lambs




AWTR Sires
Demon x 277
Owned by Elliot and Begalka

Thank you Matt Martin and Andy Atkinson for offering  semen from this unique ram. He produced some exceptional lambs for Langemeier this past year including a $13,000 wether and a $11,000 ram lamb.
We think he will cross great on our Edge sired ewes.

AWTR Sires
Exile x Miller
Raised by Wheaton Hampshires
Purchased From Larry DeSpain






AWTR Sires
Mayhem x Strategy x Next Step's Dam
Purchased 1/2 interest from Donnie Begalka


AWTR Sires
Sired by Outlook
Raised by Rule Sheep Co.

Very current in his design.
We expect great things from this ram. Power with a look!



Gold Dust

AWTR Sires
Signature x Toxic

Autograph's twin brother.
Very stylish with his neat rib shape and elevated chest floor.
A real complete ram lamb.
These twin ram lambs are very exciting!


AWTR Sires
Gold Rush x Toxic

A Yearling Ram purchased from
Donnie Begalka with an impressive pedigree.
On the paternal side you have Retro, Leverage, and Leverage's dam. On the maternal side, Gold Dust's grandma is Donnie's "State Fair Ewe". Gold Dust's dam was the 2005 SD State Fair Champion. We really like Gold Dust's big top, loin and super square level hip and tail dock.



AWTR Sires
Edge Grandson
Purchased from Polly Murdock

This Edge grandson is a level made, stout boned ram lamb that
has a grooved top, big square loin edge and a very
deep twist with a full inner leg.
Murdocks pedigree goes back to Nothdurft (Edge), Gerhart,
Miller and Knop breeding.

AWTR Sires
Black Rage x CEO

Donnie Begalka raised this natural colored ram out of Toxics mom (Black Rage) and Spiderman (CEO).
He offers a neat rib shape and a lot of lower third to his leg to go with his upfronted show look.



Bred Rite

AWTR Sires
Signature x Toxic

Out of our Industry Elite ewe purchased from Donnie Begalka. Autograph is long sided with a long handling hind saddle.
He combines his good top, level hip, wide pin set and a
muscular lower leg in a very attractive package.


AWTR Sires
Copyright x H-Factor

He is a Copyright son that goes back to the 31 x 411
mating 3 times in his pedigree.
He really combines a lot of good traits in an attractive package.



New Revolution

AWTR Sires
Big George Grandson
Purchased from Rule Sheep Co.

A stout made big outlined ram that throws jack fronts, level hips, and stamps a very smooth hip loin junction in his offspring.
He's been a changer for us.


AWTR Sires
Tick Bite x Ceasar's Maternal Sister



Man of the Year

AWTR Sires
The Edge x Cabaniss 247

The "Man of the Year" is truly what the direction of
the industry is searching for. He is a great fronted ram with a clean chest floor and shoulder design. He has that great big expressive rack shape "The Edge" is known for passing on. This combined with a very long, wide and full loin, super square full hip and very expressive inner and outer leg make him a dream to have raised.


AWTR Sires
Bad Company X Bounce's Mother




AWTR Sires

John Fastert located this proven ram for us. He was the 1997 Supreme Champion Ram at the Black and White raised by Hurliman.
He sired the 2001 Houston Champion and the 2002 SD State Fair Champion for the Dana Wilson family.


AWTR Sires
Judge Son
Purchased from Nothdurft club lambs.

Sired by Judge (Intense x O865), he's the twin brother to Edge.
His daughters have made great females in the flock.
They all have the classic front ends that Cabinass'
bred sheep are known for.




AWTR Sires
Edge x Ceasar's Sister
Raised by Nothdurft's

This guy put some nice big hips into his lambs.
After seeing his mom I understand where that comes from.
A real positive step in our breeding program.


AWTR Club Lambs
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